Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Snow Day Snuggles!

HOORAY! It's a snow day! Errr...COLD DAY!
Wind chill temps here got to -35! Yup!
What a great day to finish up a snuggle blanket that was in the wings waiting to be finished.
I took Olivia to the fabric store, and told her she could pick any 2 snuggle fabrics she wanted for a new blanket.
She picked these:
Pretty loud, but they match! Go Girl!

I started with the fabrics right sides facing, and pinned it all around the edges.
The fabrics have different stretch, so  I had to be careful of that.

I got my sewing machine moving, but I left a gap of about 4 inches.

 See the gap below?

I turned the fabrics right side out through the gap, and hand stitched the gap closed with an invisible zig zaggy stitch.

All done, and ready for indoor snow day play
 with tons of blankets, sheets, dollies, fake tattoos, and FUN!
(My house usually isn't this messy)

Comfy enough to take a floor nap!

I had just enough of the striped fabric left to make Olivia a scarf, 
which she promptly turned into a headband

TA  DA!!!

Stay warm! 
See you next time!