Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sweater to Scarf and Boot Socks

Since we had a snow day yesterday (about 14 inches of snow), and our little family decided to do a closet clean up. We decided to clean out some clothes and toys in our closets. I managed to purge an entire garbage bag of clothing to donate, and so did my hubs, Kenny. Our sweet little pumpkin filled a bucket of toys she doesn't play with anymore to donate as well!

Kenny had this sweater in the pile. I loved the chunky knit, and the olive green color!
Our new furry baby "Sally" liked it too! 

Check out that sweet chunky-ness!

I hoarded... uhh...I mean brought the sweater down to my  basement studio and chopped it in two, just below the armpits. The bottom portion is going to be my new chunky infinity scarf.
Since Kenny cleaned out a few things in our closet, I figured there would be room for me to put back one more item :)

Then I chopped off the sleeves.

Then I chopped the sleeves to about 7 inches, with the cuffs attached.
These will be my new boot socks!

I rolled up the raw hem on my new scarf and sewed a zig zag stitch to allow for stretch.

I didn't bother making a hem on the boot socks because I cut them with pinking shears, and the bottom will be hidden from view anyway.

The scarf is keeping me warm for school today, and it didn't cost a thing!!

I paired the boot socks and scarf with a thrifted dress I had already refashioned, some brown boots and a brown belt.
You can see this floral dress refashion HERE.

Warm and Cozy!
See you next time!