Friday, February 27, 2015

Forever Plaid

My husband's old shirt has been claimed by the 
refashioning crazy lady....ME!

I chopped it right under the armpits.

I rolled it twice, and sewed up the edge.

Hem, hem, hem. I love the inside, don't you?

You can wear it as is. Long and drapey....

or... fold it, and pin it with some vintage pins. 
(The pins were a gift from the hubs.)

So cute!
Their heads move!!!

Remember yesterday when I told you it was FFA week?
Check out yesterday's blog HERE.

Well,today just happens to be the last day of FFA week,
 and it's FLANNEL FRIDAY!!

Who better to pose for my "after" pic with, than my fabulous friend and librarian Tara!
(With cats of course)

See you next time!