Thursday, February 26, 2015

Navy Dress with Bleached Doily

Great thrift store find!
 A  total staple, navy T-shirt dress.
But, it was a little boring.
I definitely had to take out those shoulder pads!
They were pretty big!

 It might be time to make more shoulder pad cat toys!
Check out the cat toys HERE.

I bought those paper doilies, and placed them toward the bottom of the dress.
I had the idea to spray bleach over the doilies 
to create a subtle texture.

Spray, Spray, Spray....

I lifted off the doilies and rinsed out the bleach.
I washed and dried the dress, and it was ready to wear.
Not bad, and not super boring anymore!

It just so happens to be FFA week, and today is
 FFA color day! BLUE and GOLD!
For those of you that don't know what FFA is, it's an amazing school age group that promotes Agricultural Education 
and how important it is!!!!!
 (I grew up in  the heart of the city of Chicago and had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what that was when I started 
teaching here....ahem....15 years ago.) 
I'm so glad I know about it now.

I threw on a yellow-gold leather belt and gold necklace(which doubles as a belt) from Grams, a cardigan, boot socks, and brown boots for my FFA outfit.
The bleachy texture mimics the pattern on my cardigan.
I'm happy with it.

 See you next time!