Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Little Bit Conservatve, a Little Bit Rock N Roll

While at the Goodwill with my little peanut, we came across this very conservative, and VERY comfy $0.99 frock. The thicker knit, and the lavender color were calling to me to help this dress become Momma-wearable! I also saw a former art student that was proudly introducing a friend to the wonderful world of thrifting!

 I promised a shout-out! What up? Katie H! 
I hope you had a great thrifting adventure!
Pretty good right? Uh...no!

First things first. Out with the shoulder pads.
There they go! 
Buh Bye!

Next, I wanted this dress to be weather versatile, so I decided to chop the sleeves.
 Now, I can wear it with a sweater or without.

Sleeves go snip!
Hem those raw edges!

It was super boring as is.
So, a little dye was in order....
Just  dipped the bottom to create an "ombre" effect.

Buuuuuuut.....It just looked like I got caught outside in the rain...bummer.
I had to improvise, or this $0.99 dress 
was headed back to the thrift store.

I did the next best thing.
I bleached it!

This time, I dunked the top and bottom in bleach.

It turned out much nicer.
I left the mid-length bottom hem alone. I thought it worked.
I like how you can  still see the color from the
 original dye job too.
The bleach pulls it all together!

Good morning pumpkin!

It's still chilly in these parts, so I threw on a cardi, and scarf.

Ahh, much better!

See you next time!