Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dr. Suess Birthday: Momma Edition

I must have washed this T-shirt with something I shouldn't have, because it now has an unsightly stain on it.
 Do you see it?
(Look on the lower right side)
I can't go buy a new one just what can I do?

I'll dye it!
THIS DRESS wasn't the only thing to be dipped that day....

I knotted up that T-shirt and threw it in the bowl with that other dress.

This is how it came out!
I purchased a few iron-ons from that said 
"Thing Mom" "Thing Dad", and "Thing 5" for our Dr. Seuss themed birthday party. (More party wear to come...)
I had my friends over at our local print shop  Wakoh Wear iron it on for me. I was a bit nervous about centering, and  of course, melting it. 
(That's something I might do)
They did a fantastic job!

My T-shirt is ready for the party next month!

Today was great, today was fun,
Thank you thank you, everyone!