Thursday, April 2, 2015

Calligraphy Art Teacher Dress

 I will be teaching my students calligraphy this week.
 So, of course I wanted to create an outfit 
to go along with my lesson.
 I already have a calligraphy scarf a that I made a while back, and my good buddy and fellow blogger asked me to write a DIY(last April) for her blog about that scarf.
Check it out the scarf HERE 
Cassie ROCKS!! She put the bloggin' bug in my ear, and here I am today! Thanks girl!

I saw this fabric and HAD to have it!

I busted out a pattern, and got to stitchin'

But of course I sewed a sleeve on wrong...
...pick, pick, pick...and start again.

Top part done.

Skirt attached!

I attempted to sew on a collar instead of a facing. 
It kinda worked...
I hemmed up the bottom, and now I'm all done!
Ready to teach calligraphy, and SO ready for spring!!

See you next time!