Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Frilly Sleeves For Spring Dress

This is a Goodwill find, and it's been burning a hole in my closet. I haven't worn it because
 I thought it was a little too boring. 
I think I can fix that.

I had this slip from Grams and the light bulb turned right on!
Thanks Grams!!


I chopped the pretty little lace trim right off!

I chopped it at the seam and then again in half.

I put a basting stitch across the top. I used #10.  
Then I pulled one of the threads to cinch the fabric. 
It looked just like a curtain being pushed on a curtain rod! 

Then I sewed the lace together like a ring,
 and then I placed it inside out, on top of the inside out dress.
I had the perfect match of navy thread from the sewing basket my M-I-L gave me! 
Thanks Pinky!!

Then the pinning began....

...and stitching.

I turned it right side out, and It was finished!

A little touch  of lace makes this dress boring to 
spring fabulous!
Thank you to my student Lexi H. for taking my "after" picture!

See you next time!