Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vintage Fabric Spring to Summer Dress.

     I have talked about this local store before called Moxie. 
It is the most fantastic and wonderful store with new and vintage items, housewares, and kid stuff, vintage clothing and fabric. It's just the most amazing store. Unfortunately for us, the owner, Megan, is moving on to other things. I'm happy for her, but sad for me. I swear she didn't pay me to say this. I just love this store that much! 

Megan has vintage fabric for sale. I found one...OK, four... but, the one I'm using right now is soft and luxurious. It's so 60's and Fantastic!
Vintage and Gorgeous!

It was love at first sight and it was 25% off!!! 
I follow this lovely blog called It's Always Autumn, and she had this free pattern for a T-Shirt. I knew it would be perfect to extend the length and make the cutest 60's dress.

Measure and snip!

Add a collar!

Collars are awesome!

I used the collar to create a make-shift facing for the back neck.

Pin the collar.

Sew the collar

I added a skinny black belt and I was ready to go!
I love the colors and the warmer weather!
Good lighting out here!

Spring is finally here!
See you next time!