Sunday, May 10, 2015

70's Terry Pool Cover Up

I found this small remnant of fabric at my favorite local vintage store, ya know the one that I'm obsessed over. The one that's closing this month, and I might cry about it. 
Yeah, that's the one.
Terry cloth. 70's maybe 60's. 
Enough said.

I cut a simple t-shirt shape and sewed up the seams.
I tried my hand at bias tape, and if anyone has any pointers on this matter, I'd greatly appreciate it. 
I sewed on a little hook, and I was done. I left the sleeves alone, because I think I might like the fraying that will occur when washed again. I chopped it off initially, but now I wish I hadn't.

Trying out the hook.

Ready for the Pool! 
Now summer weather just has to get here!

See you next time!