Friday, June 19, 2015

Estate Sale Fabric Extravaganza!

Estate sales are awesome!!!!

I purchased this fabric from an estate sale for $2, 
and I knew just what to do.
It was perfect for a maxi skirt. So I got to sewin' 
Maxi skirts are like wearing yoga pants, but better! 
So comfy and stylish!!

I also fell in love with the print of this silk fabric 
which I scored for the same price!
Not bad for such little bit of MOO-lah. 
(See what I did there...moo... get's a cow...)


I turned that puppy...errr..cow, right into an infinity scarf.

Ohhh I love that scarf!

I sewed that perfect piece of fabric into that maxi, threw on a black tank, and I was ready for the day. I thought about wearing the scarf too, but it was just too warm for that. Maybe in the evening when the temp drops a bit.

See you next time!