Friday, October 30, 2015

Guy and Ghouls Go Out to Dinner

     I ordered this awesome cat fabric,(Above)
 but I got this fabric by accident (below).  So, as any good online-shopper does, I sent it back to receive the correct one. But.....the cat fabric must have been labeled wrong in the warehouse, because I got this one... AGAIN! I took it as a sign, and just kept it. (Or maybe it was just laziness.)

I still might try to order that cat fabric again, 'cuz I lub it!

This one is pretty cool too! And perfect for Halloween!

Super cool close-up!
I had this tank top that I never wear. It has mini ruffles around the edges, and it sat dormant in my drawer for over a year.

I snipped the tank just below my waist. This will be the top part of my new ghoulish dress.

I used the skirt portion of a dress pattern I had, cut out the skirt and sewed the fabric to the tank top, hemmed it up, and voila!

I used the rest of the fabric to make an awesome dress for my girl. I found this free dress pattern from an amazing blogger called Its Always Autumn. I already had some red satin gifted to me from my grams that I used for the bottom of the dress. It worked out perfectly!
She wore a long sleeve top and leggings underneath. It's chilly here!!!

I also made a little pocket square for the hubby. 

I had this grand idea to all wear our matching outfits out to dinner.

So we did.....

I wore my outfit to work. A cardigan, scarf and red sash completed my look!

Strike a Pose!!

Patiently waiting to go out to dinner.
But then she got hangry.....

Once we all got some food, we could enjoy our 
Halloween-y (or is it, Halloweenie?) outfits.

See you next time!