Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Palette shelf DIY

          So, I found these palettes, and I wanted to get crafty with em'.

And when I say found... I mean scavenged, and offered extra credit
 to any of my students who could get one and bring it to me.

I recieved 2!

I cut off the bottom part of the gray-ish  palette.
 A couple of my students helped me during study hall. 
Better than physics homework I guess? :)  
That made a sort-of-shelf with no bottom,
 so I took off another plank from the side and crudely nailed it to what is now the bottom.
Ta Da!

I borrowed my friend Mandi's electric sander 
(She's the physics teacher... shhhh.),
 and smoothed out those rough spots.
The bottom plank is really crudely nailed in, 
but it is secure, and safe! 
 I liked the rough and rustic-ness of it.
Thank you for your electric sander Mandi!

Then, I sealed it with a low odor clear coat varnish. I loved the way the wood looked after it was sealed. It really brought out the personality of the wood! All the imperfections, and colors!

 I tried to find a good place in my house for this beauty, but I knew it would have a better life in my coworker and friends,
 Kyle and Raechelle's house. So, I gifted it to them!
 (They were in the market for a basement bar shelf!)
Their 2 boys and my daughter are pals, so I will be able to visit the shelf whenever they let me!

They have an awesome basement, and I made their basement that much more awesome with this creation!! 

See you next time!