Monday, November 9, 2015

The Tooth Fairy Pillow

My baby girl tapped me on the leg "Momma! I have a looth tuufff!"  she said as she had her hand in her mouth wiggling a bottom incisor. My first thought was...
 "I need to make you a tooth pillow!"

I had a tooth pillow as a child, and I remembered it being a fun experience. When I was five, I really believed I saw the tooth fairy leave my room with sparkles trailing behind her.

Good timing too, because two days later she had 2 more loose teeth! Apples are going to be a problem for a while.

I have had this vest for quite a long time. I never wear it. 
This will do just fine to make
 a wonderful and shiny tooth pillow.
Nice vest. Better tooth pillow.

I took my pinking roller to it, and cut out the side with the zipper pocket. 
But, I realized I didn't get close enough to the front zipper to create a big enough pocket.
 Good thing there was another side.

After that small mishap I turned the rectangle inside out, and sewed up 3 of the 4 sides.

The vest had batting already on the inside, so stuffing it was not necessary. SCORE!!

I flipped the new tooth pillow right side out.
Look it has a built in zipper! Yay! 

I hand stitched the open side closed with an invisible zig zag stitch.

It's not perfect, but I think the tooth fairy will love it!!!

See you next time!