Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Button Bunny Plushie

On my daughter's holiday gift list, she put down "Button Bunny"...well actually it said "butin buny."
I had absolutely no idea what that was,  but I was willing to give it a try. 

I had some of this colorful plaid and fuzzy-minky fur in my fabric stash that would be perfect for a stuffed animal.
I made my girl a bear last year, 
but it looked more like a baby seal.

 She still sleeps with it every night though!!!

I vowed to make the body better on any other plushie I make.
 This one was most definitely shaped better.

Gingerbread man??? Starfish???

I cut 2 body shapes, 1 neck tie fabric, and 2 fur ear shapes and 2 plaid ear shapes.

I sewed  both of the fur and plaid ear shapes RSF, and turned them right side out like so.

I left the bottom of the ear open, so I could easily turn it right side out.

Then I pinned the ears sandwiched between 
the body pieces RSF.
I sewed up the edges of the body. Making sure to leave an opening for stuffing, and enough room to turn it right side out.

The bottom of the ears stuck out a bit like so...

Flipped it right side out!!!
Sally The Cat liked it too!

I sewed on some button eyes that my daughter unknowingly picked out, 
embroidered a little nose and mouth, stuffed him up,
 sewed it shut, and put on his neck tie.

Lookin' Good!

Oops! I forgot a bunny tail!!!

I took some scraps and wadded up a wee little tail to sew to the backside.

Awwww! So cute!

I hope she likes this one as much as the first!!!!

See you next time!