Thursday, December 3, 2015

Do the Peplum Polka!

I saw this.....

I loved the print. Dots and a bit of an optical illusion. It makes you a bit dizzy if you stare at it too long. 
I didn't try it on at Goodwill, but for $1.23, I took the chance. I thought I could wear it as-is because it was super cute!
The reason it is on my mannequin, well.... that is the story of my life: fits on top, but too tight on the bottom...don't even get me started on jeans...


I saw THIS ....


I bought mine at Goodwill for $1.23. A much better deal than the $21 price tag on the inspiration top.

I knew what I had to do! I took a big chop off the bottom.

Then, I seam ripped the sides of the dress all the way up to the elastic waistband.

I used the bottom scrap and made two triangles that will be my new side panels.

I did a little pinning and sewing of the triangles to the sides....

Hem up the bottom...

Perfect top paired with jeans to go to live theater with my family. It turned out to be a great Thanksgiving break!


Then we met my Dad and Step-mom out to lunch at a great local joint. 
(Photo bomb courtesy of my Dad!)
Looking at it now, I think I might take another inch off the bottom. What do you think?

What a great day!

See you next time!