Friday, January 8, 2016

Polka Dot Frumpy to Fab!

Here is a fun polka dot dress I found thrifting.
 It was super frumpy but I knew I could change that!

It came with some heavily sewn in shoulder pads.

These shoulder pads are sewn in there tight! 
Time to get the seam ripper!

Buh Bye!

The sleeves were too long and needed a trim.
So was the bottom length. That got a chop too! I used my pinking roller to avoid fraying.

Snip!....I mean...roll...

I thought I'd try a little bias tape to fancy it up a bit.

I sewed the sleeves and bottom hem 
with the bias tape, like a sandwich.
 I'm pretty sure that's not how you do it buuutttt,
 I did it anyway.
 It was not a super difficult refashion, 
but it made a big difference.

I was trying to get good lighting outside, 
but it was FREEZING!!!

I wanted to show you the sleeves but,

OK!!!! Quick take the picture!!!

Now, That looks a little better!

See you next time!