Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter White Dress

I found this tablecloth at the thrift store for $2.99.
You cant buy that kind of lace yardage for that!
 It had a slight stretch to it too! What a score!

I had this off white very thin sweatshirt material
 I purchased from an estate sale for $2.00.
I traced a t-shirt pattern and extended it
 to create an A line dress.

I cut the tablecloth in the same shape,
 but I made it slightly larger. Sally the cat could not get enough! She loved it just the way it was.

I sandwiched the two pieces of lace
 between the off white fabric,
 pinned and stitched all four layers together.

I sewed the sides of the knit separately from the lace.
The only place the two layers were attached were the shoulders and the neck.

I stitched the neck together with a 
tightly spaced zig-zag stitch. 
Aside from the shoulders and neck,
 I sewed and treated them as separate 
dresses when I hemmed it up!

Not bad for $4.99 and made by ME!
This was the perfect wearable creation for 
my Sister-In Law's
 Winter White Girls (after)Christmas party!

A bit of white sparkle in the make-up was a good touch.
My bangs are too long, so I pinned them back.

The guys went out too! Quick selfie with the hubs!

Why is this stuff soooooo good!????

I had a blast with these gorgeous gals!

See you next time!