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No Sew: Sweater into a Pumpkin!

 Do you have any old sweaters? If not, head down to your local thrift store and pick one up for just a buck or two. My daughter and I went down to our local thrifting spot, picked out a couple sweaters, and got ready for a Momma/Daughter craft project.
For this project I'm using just the sleeve. It would definitely be possible to do something like this with the torso of the sweater. It might just take a little creativity and patience.

Give that sleeve a snip!

Sleeve Snip!

Next, Turn the sleeve inside out. You will start to roll up the sleeve like a sock bun. Turning your sleeve inside out will give you a right side out pumpkin.

Start to roll....

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Leave a little wrist cuff showing at the top. This will be your stem.

I bought some flower wire at my local craft store. Cut about 20 inches and wrap around the part of the sleeve sticking out.

My daughter needed a little assistance with the wire. Just watch out for little eyes. 

I saw these paper wrapped wires at the store. Also in the floral section. 
We wrapped that around too...

I then took some green tape and wrapped that as well. We were rappin' while we were wrappin'

I had some fake leaves in my crafting bin, you can cut your own from felt, or even from paper.
I realize they are not pumpkin leaves, but it still looked cool!

 We twisted a small length of wire around our finger to create some curly accents. The wire stuck right into the sweater!


My daughter decided to make her very own green and white pumpkin. I helped her with the wire, but she did the rest all on her own.

Welcome Fall!

Re-Purpose! Re-Fashion! Recycle!
See you next time!

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