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New Makes In the Past Few Months

I haven't stopped making things these last few months. I've just slacked on the blogging.
I will show you all the things I've made, and do a quick wrap up of all the stuffs!
It's like crafting Cliffs Notes. HA!

I made this vest with some vintage wool from Paris I scored at an estate sale.
 (There was a tag that said Paris, France)
Easy sew, but time consuming fringe around the edges. That has to be done by hand. 
Super cute, and I'll probably make another vest in a different fabric.

My daughter and I made some "Forever Cacti" with felt, rocks, paint, and some creativity.
Fun afternoon!

My daughter's classroom Valentines were fun to do!
A photo, a hole punch, and some suckers!

I made some killer pants with some fabric at that same estate sale.
I used the Paperboy Pants Pattern by Wardrobe by Me. 

I spiffed up our bathroom with some paint and peel and stick tile!

It took me 3 hours, but it was well worth it!

Sally the Cat and I glued on an embroidered patch to some old jeans.

This took over an hour to glue. 
Glue and squeeze was my entire life for that hour.

Makers gonna make, so I'll be back with more!

See you next time!

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