Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tablecloth Top!

My family and I went on a weekend vacation to Saugatuck, MI. While on our adventures, we came across this salvage/vintage/antique shop like I've never see before. They had tubs, and fixtures, furniture, and linens. They even had an AWESOME TUG BOAT! yes, that's right....a real live tug boat! This place was called :

3483 Blue Star Hwy.
Saugatuck, MI 49453

This guy was cool, but his eyebrows scare me a bit.

Need some storage?

Lawn decor?

Happy Halloween from your friendly neighborhood butane can!

Anyway, I found this adorable tablecloth. It was beautiful, and I scored it for a great price! $10.

Such a beautiful print!

but, it had a couple small stains that didn't come out when I washed it. These kinds of things just come with the territory. At least I knew it was loved.

I had about a teaspoon of some dye left over from THIS  project.


               The stains were hidden, and it came out the most beautiful pale pastel lavender. (Kevin says hi!)
I downloaded a free shirt pattern, printed it out, and followed the directions. I'm still getting used to using a pattern. It was a little challenging, but really fun!

Pattern Power!

Here it is! Olivia really wanted to be in this picture, I swear

We went out for a wonderful birthday breakfast in my new tablecloth top!
See ya next time!