Thursday, October 23, 2014

Art Teacher Dress No. 2!

      I splurged and bought some fabric from a great fabric website a couple weeks ago.  I went to This website is amazing, it has fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap that's all customizable! One particular artist had a "Mona Lisa" print available! I couldn't pass it up. I'm an ART teacher AND my name is LISA!!!! Crazy!

I took the fabric into my beloved basement studio and got to work.
I layed the fabric RSF (right side facing), and, nice and flat.
Then I traced a free T-Shirt Pattern, but made it as long as the fabric would allow, snipped it out, and sewed it up!.

I decided to use red thread. Why? you might ask? Well... because I can. 

I sewed it all up with a twice rolled hem, so it would be sturdy. I've never worked with this kind 
of knit before, and it was a bit tricky. I used my universal sewing machine needle, but I probably should have invested into a needle for knits. I will try that in the future. 

My students white and black charcoal skull drawings in the background make a nice backdrop!

Ta Daaaa!

This dress can double as a Halloween costume! 
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