Friday, October 31, 2014

Bridget Riley Inspired Dress

     I found this vintage bed sheet at an amazing local retail store that I love! Isn't it all kinds of awesome! This store has new clothing, bags, socks, kid stuff, vintage clothing, cards, jewelry, everything I love!

 They seem to have looked into my brain, because I love everything in that place!

 This store is called called Moxie. Unfortunately they are closing their doors  after the first of the year to take on other life adventures.... so sad, but I understand. Life goes on! Check out MOXIE !!! At least you can enjoy this wonderful store for a little bit longer!

As soon as I saw that sheet a lightbulb appeared over my head, and I purchased that sheet as fast as I could say OP ART!

I teach high school art, and I do a unit on POP, and OP art. This will be perfect for that unit. I have to turn it into some kind of clothing though. It would get very messy as a table cloth, and I don't think my administrators would appreciate my toga wrapping skills.

Here's a little info on a living breathing wonderful OP artist! (Op is short for optical FYI)

Bridget Riley :
  1. Bridget Louise Riley CH CBE is an English painter who is one of the foremost exponents of op art. She currently lives and works in London, Cornwall, and France. Wikipedia
  2. BornApril 24, 1931 (age 83), London, United Kingdom
  3. PeriodsHard-edge painting, Modern art, Op art
  4. EducationRoyal College of Art (1952–1955), More
  5. BooksBridget RileyThe eye's mind               ( Hey look you learned something)

Bridget Riley ROCKS!

Look into my will learn about OP WILL learn about  OP Art.....

So off I went to find a free dress pattern. I settled on the same one I used for the Green Skully Dress found on I have a few freebies from both burdastyle, and  Check 'em out. They are super cool websites for anyone who's crafty, or wants to be. (Maybe they'll see my plug, and give me some royalties) or a free pattern :)

I cut, and pinned, and sewed, and adjusted, and pinned, and sewed,,,,, and I have this so far...
(lovely shot of my make-shift dress form, and basement studio!)

More cutting, and Pinning, and adjusting....

Pin. Sew. Hem.

I sewed on the bottom, and finished it all up!
Can you see me, or am I an OPTICAL ILLUSION!

Perfect for My Op art Unit!