Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stripey Tee to Hi-Lo Top

I've had this tee for a couple of years, and I hardly wear it. I knew that I had to make it into something FAB! After I saw the shirt sitting there, I knew what I needed to do.

Do you remember this dress? If you don't you can check it out HERE.

I still had the bottom scrap from that dress. It was enough fabric to create little sleeves, and attach a HI-LO bottom.

I got to work trimming enough fabric for the little sleeve additions, and cutting the bottom for that Hi-Lo effect.

I pinned it all together and sewed it all up!

Side note: I ended up sewing the bottom three times. I sewed it on the wrong side, then I didn't stretch the t-shirt fabric enough. Third time's the charm! I finally got it right. Whew! 

New and improved T-Shirt!

Welcome to my Art room!!!

I got a little chilly. Add a scarf!