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One Year!

One Year!! Holy moly!! 
I can't believe it's been an entire year already since the start of this blog. 
 I still have a ton to learn about blogging, but I wanted to let all my family friends, and followers know how much I appreciate them, and how much support I feel every single time I post something new. Thank you so much!

This blog all started when I started hand sewing a scarf, and  I  decided that I spend too much money on clothing, too often. This happened all at the same moment!
That gave me the idea to challenge and dedicate myself to not buying any new-off-the-rack clothing for a year for me, for my husband, or my daughter. I would either make it myself, or find it at a thrift store.

I can safely say that WE DID IT!!!!

Thrift stores, resale shops, and grandparents, and Aunties, were the only way we could have gotten 
through this past year!
As a family we saved money, got a little greener, and overall feel really good about this decision. It was tough at times, but it became easier when I realized we were doing something good for the earth, and our family.
Here's a little recap of some of my favorites throughout this year.

This dress was published in School Arts Magazine! Check it out HERE (page 55).

I hope you had as much fun as I did this year!
See you next time.


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Bridget Riley Inspired Dress

I found this vintage bed sheet at an amazing local retail store that I love! Isn't it all kinds of awesome! This store has new clothing, bags, socks, kid stuff, vintage clothing, cards, jewelry, everything I love!

 They seem to have looked into my brain, because I love everything in that place!

 This store is called called Moxie. Unfortunately they are closing their doors  after the first of the year to take on other life adventures.... so sad, but I understand. Life goes on! Check out MOXIE !!! At least you can enjoy this wonderful store for a little bit longer!

As soon as I saw that sheet a lightbulb appeared over my head, and I purchased that sheet as fast as I could say OP ART!

I teach high school art, and I do a unit on POP, and OP art. This will be perfect for that unit. I have to turn it into some kind of clothing though. It would get very messy as a table cloth, and I don't think my administrators would appreciate my toga wrapping skills.

Here's a little info …

Graduation Gown not just for Graduates Anymore

This discarded, and loved-no-more graduation gown was calling to me from the thrift store rack. It was perfect for this time of year when teachers say goodbye tearfully to some, and not-so-tearfully to others.  But we love them all anyway.
 Over here!  Buy me and give me a new life!!
So I did.
Sally liked the dress much better once I picked off those sleeves! She thought it was a perfect resting spot.

I chopped the bottom a bit, folded it twice because it was fray-fray-central, and I hemmed it all up. 
I could use the chopped off bottom piece as a belt  or use an existing one. 
The dress is all white so this time,
I decided to go with a darker brown belt,  and some metallic sandals.
Congrats and good luck  to all the 2015 graduates! 
I'm ready for the ceremony!

See you next time!

Red Romper Red Romper

My beautiful daughter took this picture of this less than beautiful dress. I thrifted it for a few dollars a long while back.

I picked apart the skirt andplaced a pants pattern in its place.
Picked off the sleeves and cuffs. Whole lotta sleeves!
Extra fabric to make a sash belt.

I found the center of the cuffs and pinned it for reference. You will see what I do with them!

Bias tape around the sleeves and attached the cuffs.
Check out the sleeves! Its actually the cuffs! I love my new romper! See you next time!