Monday, September 28, 2015

Van Gogh Dress #2

I had some fabric left over from my refashion of THIS dress. I just love it so much, and my beautiful daughter saw it again recently, and wanted a dress to match Mommy. 
How could I say no? 
I love me some Starry Night...I am an art teacher ya know....

I grabbed a black tank top that she already had, and I cut two rectangles about 6 inches wider than the tank top. I sewed the rectangles together (RSF) and then sewed it to the tank top. 
I pinned the sides and the front and back centers of the fabric to the tank, and stretched the tank top as I stitched. I used a zig- zag stitch to make sure there would be some "give" when she pulls it over her head. 
Hem the bottom, flip it right side out, and it's done!

Cute and comfy!

Quick and easy!

She was so happy to wear it to a family BBQ!

See you next time!!