Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thank YOU!!!

In April 2014, I decided to take on a personal challenge to not buy any off-the-rack new clothes for a year.
It has been almost 6 months, and I am happy to say that it has become easier now.... I really thought I would struggle to NOT buy the cutest and latest trends from all of my favorite stores. I have to admit it was harder than I thought BUT.....

 I have found a new and creative outlet, and I have had so much fun making new clothes from scratch/patterns and refashioning thrifted clothes to make them new and fresh again! (Some don't start out so fresh...ewww) I have saved a considerable about of money as well!!! Perks, perks, perks.

Like this Teacher dress I made below:

And this:






Aaaaaaaannnnd This:
Just to name a few....

This has been such a blast, and I hope to continue this throughout the year, and beyond...Who knows where this creative journey will take me. I have some fun projects planned in the near future, and I am excited to show you!!!

I digress......back to the NO SHOPPING RULE......

It waxed and waned a bit here and there about shopping, or rather NOT shopping at Old Navy, and Department stores....and no new purses....UGH no new purses! Wait....no new purses? Ok, Ok I won't buy any.....(Internal fight).... but overall, I really do enjoy looking into my closet and trying to revamp some old or tired clothing, and seeing new ways to wear clothes I already had!

My awesome 94 year old Grandma sent me a TON of fabric and clothing that I have just had so much fun with!! Thanks Grams! And, thank you to my sweetest Aunt Esther for packing it all up in the most genius ways!!! I love you! I have so many more projects in mind, and I couldn't have come up with them without the inspiration from those items. (They will be in future posts)
I've made THISTHIS and THIS so far with stuff from my Grams.

I want to tank Bonnie as well for giving me the BIGGEST box of clothes to do whatever I wish! I'm still making and creating things from that box. (They will be in future posts) I've made THIS and THIS so far with stuff from Bonnie!

Also, I really physically could not have done this without all the thread and beautiful vintage sewing box from my Mother-in-Law Pinky, and my Step-mom Ann, who has the best taste in fashion that I've ever met! You're the bomb Pinky and Ann!!

Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me throughout this fun adventure. I couldn't have done it without their support! The biggest THANK YOU to my husband Kenny, for being my biggest supporter and cheerleader!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!